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Children who have high quality childcare and preschool early learning experiences are more successful in continuing education experiences. Childcare and social-emotional health are high priorities for Great Start. Great Start to Quality UP Resource Center and Dickinson-Iron Great Start work closely together to educate parents and community on the importance of quality childcare and social-emotional health. CLICK GSQ Button below to learn more about child care centers and services in Dickinson-Iron Counties.

Great Start Collaborative

Great Start to Quality

Promoting Quality Child Care
Great Start to Quality

Great Start has collaborated with Great Start to Quality in supplying children’s books and parenting resources for child care providers. Each year Childcare Specialist Misty Lefebvre and members of the Great Start Child Care Action Team visit all the Dickinson and Iron County Child Care Centers and Home Centers. Special Great Start Tool Kits are given to providers. Each year new resources are added.

During the childcare home and center visits open conversations take place with a specific emphasis on identifying provider needs. In addition to provider visits, Dickinson Iron Great Start made a commitment to leverage funds to support providers with various resource needs: books, toys, games, equipment.

Great Start Collaborative
Great Start Collaborative

Deb Dupras

Michigan Great Start to Quality Child Care Leader

The Great Start to Quality Upper Peninsula Director Deb Dupras is a Michigan leader in early childhood. Deb enthusiastically supports all Great Start initiatives in the U.P. Deb brings together all the Great Starts in the Upper Peninsula to network and share early childhood ideas.

Great Start Collaborative

Misty Lefebvre

Dickinson Iron Great Start to Quality Specialist

Misty Lefebvre is a Great Start to Quality Specialist at the Great Start to Quality Upper Peninsula Resource Center located in Marquette, Michigan. Misty is very respected and popular with the childcare providers in Dickinson and Iron Counties. Misty is all about relationship-building. She visits her childcare providers often and their communication lines are open. Misty is one of the most popular childcare provider trainers. When she offers trainings, classes fill up quick. We are so fortunate to work with Misty. To know more about childcare in Dickinson-Iron Counties, contact Misty: 906-396-8844

It’s All About The Children!

Child Care Providers Value Early Literacy

Advantages of Children Reading

Develops Social and Emotional Health

Improves School Readiness

Strengthens Academic Success

Prepares for Lifelong Learning

Increases Interest in Post-Secondary Education

Enhances Productivity and Attendance

Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Advances Career Success

Lowers Health Care Costs

Improves cognitive skill development