Great Start 4 Kids

   Barb Reisner


In Michigan, every child has an equal opportunity to succeed in school and in life!  The Dickinson-Iron Great Start mottos:               IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN!   ONCE A READER, ALWAYS A READER!  TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE MORE!
   Jonathan Ringel


In Michigan, parents are shining stars!  Parents are children's first and most important teachers!  Great Start empowers parents and prioritizes parent leadership.  The Dickinson-Iron Great Start leaders believe in THE PARENT VOICE!


  • Meet other parents, grandparents and guardians
  • Have a fun time with family members
  • Learn some new parenting skills
  • Take home FREE children's books
  • Children play, laugh and enjoy other children
  • Fluroide is the most effective weapon to combat tooth decay
  • Children need to rinse for 1 minute, once a week
  • Dentists promote children rinsing with fluoride
  • Dickinson-Iron County wells do not usually contain fluoride
  • Check out the local school fluoride mouthrinse programs
  • Michigan Legislators show big concern for children
  • Big challenge reported:  Mental Illness issues 
  • 20% to 30% of children in the UP are in poverty
  • Poverty is the biggest indicator of health issues
  • There is a lack of prevention funding 
  • Good News:  MI reading schores are up 
  • 80 early childhood programs in Michigan
  • My daughter is now reading independently!
  • Joe's comprehension has really improved!
  • My granddaughter reads aloud and loves reading!
  • Children are so excited to read new books!
  • More families are reading together!
  • Children are selecting their owns books from shelves!
  • Parents with reading challenges are reading more!
  • More families have home libraries with many books!
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•  Barb Reisner - Great Start
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•  Debbie Beauchamp - DIISD
•  Casey McCormick - Head Start
•  Cherie Fila - Early On
•  Maria Johns - Imagination Library
•  Jill Doll - Northpointe
•  Ruth Holmes - Health Depart.
•  John Estes - Braumart Theatre
•  Kristy Howell - MDHHS
•  ECIC - Early Childhood
•  MDE - Office of Great Start






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