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In Michigan, every child has an equal opportunity to succeed in school and in life!  The Dickinson-Iron Great Start mottos:               IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN!   ONCE A READER, ALWAYS A READER!  TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE MORE!
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In Michigan, parents are shining stars!  Parents are children's first and most important teachers!  Great Start empowers parents and prioritizes parent leadership.  The Dickinson-Iron Great Start leaders believe in THE PARENT VOICE!


2016 GREAT START 100

  • For information on DCCAN:  Sherri Petschar @ 715-251-4541
  • Vision:  to create a collaborative to enhance college readiness
  • Mission # 1:  to provide services to support students
  • Mission # 2:  to connect students with college readiness info.
  • Goal # 1:  to increase reading proficiency by end of grade 3
  • Goal # 2:  to help prepare students for college/career opportunities
  • Define:  Smoke that lingers on surfaces
  • Thirdhand Smoke on clothing, furniture, carpets, walls...
  • Children vulnerable when crawl on floors, fingers in mouth...
  • Children exposed face 2X risk of getting COPD later in life
  • SOLUTION:  Create smokefree environments for family
  • Brush your child's teeth after feeding and at bedtime
  • Do not share food, drinks, forks, spoons or toothbrushes
  • Use FLUORIDE to stop children's tooth decay 
  • Feed children healthy foods:  fruits, vegis, milk, yogurt...
  • No bottle when bedtime - water only, no sugar!
  • Baby has 20 little teeth - wipe off germs before bedtime 
  • Healthy FOOD = Healthy TEETH
  • Could be causation between vision problems and ADHD
  • Low vision may require more attention and thinking
  • Vision problems = 50% increase in diagnosis of ADHD
  • Some children struggle with reading comprehension
  • Encourage children to read using a book mark or guide
  • Some doctors report that 1 out of 4 patients have ADHD
  • ADHD does effect early literacy skill development
  • Diagnose reading problems early and seek professional help
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•  Barb Reisner - Great Start
•  Jonathan Ringel - GS Parents
•  Deb Dupras - Child Care
•  Debbie Beauchamp - DIISD
•  Casey McCormick - Head Start
•  Cherie Fila - Early On
•  Maria Johns - Imagination Library
•  Jill Doll - Northpointe
•  Ruth Holmes - Health Depart.
•  John Estes - Braumart Theatre
•  Kristy Howell - MDHHS
•  ECIC - Early Childhood
•  MDE - Office of Great Start






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